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PRBuzz Moves your Site to the TOP of Search Engine Rankings Fast! provides huge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits for your press release and web site. We have a group of very unique features that others simply do not have. This SEO technology is built into every press release that we distribute.

SEO friendly "back links": Hyperlinks are essential for bringing traffic to your site and improving search engine ranking. We allow up to 5 regular hyperlinks or text links in EACH PRESS RELEASE. Be careful! Some press release services do not allow you to link back to your web site.

RSS content syndication: We share your entire press release with other websites so it can be found all over the internet. This makes a huge difference with search engine optimization and it makes it easy to find your press release.

SEO URL technology: Important key words are included in the link to your press release. This is very important for search engines and very few press release services offer this. This technology has been tested and shown to triple the amount of traffic that press releases receive.

Press releases remain live for at least three years: All of this SEO technology is useless unless your press release stays online for a significant amount of time. Be very careful! Some press release distribution services only keep your press release on their site for three months!

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ALL PRBuzz press releases show up on thousands of popular news sites worldwide.

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PR Submission Service,, Begins Publishing Content at American Media Online

PRBuzz press releases are now featured at a particular news site such as American Media Online. This ensures that the website will be right under the noses of the clients who matter. The website is bound to get the right kind of business prosperity and abundance in revenue as it is going to be noticed by the people who matter, your potential customers as well as loyal ones.

PRBuzz will enable the website to have all of this and much more. It ensures that the Pr submission takes place only on those websites and news agencies that really matter and will bring about the right kind of clientele for the website. will allow the touting of the horn of the website and broadcast the availability of specific products and services to the clientele. This kind of publicity and advertisement will make certain that one is able to have the best of back links on the press release so that the customer can click and bring on the answers to their questions.

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Want to reach the masses with a high-impact to promote your business; Press release submission is the effective instrument to inform the customers about the magnificent services you are offering.  With PR submission, you will bang into the position you are aiming for and get in customers who are ready to purchase from you.

Presently, Press Release submission is one of the most powerful mean to promote business. If the subject matter or information included in the PR is of a premium value and is published to the right press release distribution gateway, it would lead to a big amount of returns for the affected enterprise. Now all the businesses are making most of press release submission sites to promote their business quickly and successfully which is also at fraction of cost!

The additional benefits of press release submission are that your company will be out in the open to various those individuals who may be your future prospects. Moreover, it will bring the finest back-links and additional places for marketing of your website as well as growing extra income.